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Moving Services

Fredericksburg Movers can provide you with any and all services that you need for your upcoming move/relocation, whether its to Virginia or From Virginia. We can handle moving jobs of any size - no job is too big or small for Fredericksburg movers. Our standards are the highest in the field of moving and relocating. We have the tools as well as the experience to make sure that your household or your office is prepared for moving as safe and efficiently as possible.

Please refer to our list of services below for more details about how we can service your moving needs:

Long Distance Moves

Whether you're moving within Virginia itself or across the country, Fredericksburg Movers can handle it - Distance is not a factor.

Commercial Moves

Need to move your small or large office(s) and equipment? Tust Fredericksburg Movers, as we can get you back in business as soon as possible.

Local Moves

Our teams are some of the most experienced as they come. If you're moving locally, do it with us for a quick, affordable, and pleasant moving experience.

Storage & Packing

Along with our great services within the moving field, we can also provide our customers with expert packing services as well as safe and cost effective storage space.

Residential Moves

Although every household shares the same basic elements, we understand that every household is different as well. Which is why our experts make sure that your job is evaluated properly in order to leave you satisfied with your residential move.

International Moves

Moving internationally can be a very confusing tast, but no worries, because this is second nature to us. Let us handle your packing, shipping and making sure everything is okay with customs.